"Well it’s an opinion so it can’t be wrong.”

Okay we are not 5 anymore, opinions can be wrong, your parents lied to you, your teachers lied to you. Not every comment you have will be valid, not everything you say needs to be heard. 

And opinions can be and have been wrong. 

But if you wanna hold that idea then it’s my OPINION that you’re a loser my opinion is right and valid, ur a loser now. Suck it loser. 




all of you report fuckyeahheterosexuality please

if it helps, their main blog is fascistprince.

thanks !! report that blog too

"they’re just a troll" "it’s just satire" "just a joke bro"


but why jeanmarco when u can jeaneren


Women that oppose feminism because they feel they personally have all the rights and respect they need are so incredibly selfish and ignorant to the plight of women not only in their own country, but across the developing world.

tru tru (tho even if it was a “”“”joke”“”” its still Super disgusting i hope they accidentally drink expired milk)

yeah that’s not funny at all like it’s not even satire it’s just gross and exhausting stop 

yea but im not sure and it still makes me nervous either way so reporting it seems like a good idea

yeah i’m going to but either way i hope it’s a really bad “”joke”” because like c’mon man it’s easter jesus didn’t rise from his grave for this